Our Malton Environment 

Are our local streets around the market squares clean, without rubbish and dogs mess? Are there weeds growing in the pavements? Does the street furniture look clean and inviting? 

If we are going for gold we love:  

Litter free 
Please help by picking up litter, please don’t walk past! 
Help Malton bloom! 
Colourful floral displays and town garden beds! 

And everyone hates:  

Dogs' mess! 
Dirty street furniture! 
Weeds in pavements and roads! 
Malton and Norton Tidy is an informal group of community volunteers formed in 2009.  
The Tidy Group have volunteered their support to Malton in Bloom and have taken responsibility for a number of Malton gardening projects including new flower beds under the new ‘Welcome to Malton’ signs on the major approach roads. Since January 2013 the Tidy Group has picked over 1,000 bags of litter - approximately 3.5 tonnes of unsightly rubbish. There are around 20 ‘members’ with a usual turnout of about 12 people so a great deal has been achieved by a small but dedicated group. 

We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB)  

We are fortunate enough to have The Howardian Hills AONB covering 204 sq km (79 sq miles) of the North Yorkshire countryside on our doorstep. It is a unique and captivating landscape with its well-wooded rolling countryside, patchwork of arable and pasture fields, scenic villages and historic country houses with classic parkland. 
'Malton in Bloom' has to complement The Howardian Hills. Locals from surrounding villages expect Malton to be a vibrant Market Town offering a ‘Warm Welcome’ with excellent local shopping and facilities. 'Malton in Bloom' helps achieve that ‘Very Warm Welcome’ with colourful floral displays. 

Something wrong, or just not working?  

Did you know, you can report rubbish, recycling, street and roads problem using this link https://www.gov.uk/browse/housing-local-services/recycling-rubbish 
If you are able to help, please join our growing band of ‘Happy Helpers’ by emailing us at pottingshed@maltoninbloom.co.uk or by completing the enquiry form on our Contact page