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This old English proverb, dating back to the early 1700’s, is often quoted amongst gardeners. 
The original meaning seems to be not to cast off winter clothes until the month of May has finished, but gardeners often take it to not put out any tender plants until early June. Sensible advice around our neck of the woods, as we can still have night time frosts at this time of year which would kill many bedding plants, as well as courgettes, French beans, tomatoes, etc. 
As I write this the temperature is a wonderful 16C, bright sunshine is bathing the plants here at the nursery, and we have even been working outdoors in our shirt sleeves. 
The weather these past 4 weeks has been wonderful, temperatures above average and the ground is drying out and warming up. Most plants are a couple of weeks ahead of where they are normally, leaves are emerging, blossom is starting to show and daffodils are nodding their heads wherever you look. 
At the nursery, the start of April heralds a new season for us. We stop lifting bare root trees and shrubs from the field, and instead we focus on planting the next crop. 
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