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Here is just some of the amazing feedback we have received 
"Good Evening, I have been given your details by Elizabeth who has kindly been helping us at Malton Primary put together a plan of action for our gardening. She has been out to visit us and provided herbs for all of the Nursery children and we are now working towards putting a new bed, complete with top soil and plants in. I am so grateful for all of this support. Now would also be a good opportunity to say how lovely Malton is looking with flowers on the bridge and in the car parks. It has not gone unnoticed." 
Yours sincerely 
Simone Miller 
Nursery Teacher Malton Primary 
"I would be grateful if you would communicate the Estate’s appreciation of the work by the ‘Malton in Bloom’ group and the financial support of the Town Council for the floral displays in the town this year. 
Malton Town Council and the CIC together have been improving the aesthetics in the town centre gradually for several years. The advent of the Malton in Bloom group has taken it to another level in a single year. There have been lots of compliments, from both residents and visitors, who have noticed and enjoyed the flowers this year." 
Yours sincerely 
R J G Bushell 
Estate Manager 
"I have recently visited Malton the flower displays everywhere were really lovely 
Lots of people clearly worked v hard hope this will be supported next year too" 
Kind regards 
Sally Meredith 
"The flowers in Malton are lovely, a credit to you all, thank you for all your hard work" 
Caroline Shepherson 
"I just wanted to say how successful the Malton in Bloom project has been this summer and how the town has never looked better. I hope you won’t mind me saying but i thought the flowers, plants and hanging baskets across town were the best ever - blooming marvellous in fact! 
The CIC is in favour of continuing to support this excellent initiative. 
Very Best" 
Tom Naylor-Leyland 
Malton CIC 
"I have been away from the area for the last six weeks and just thought I'd drop you a line to say how wonderful the flowers in Malton look. My 87 year old mother is visiting for a week tomorrow and I know she will be impressed by the appearance of all the displays.  
As a former grower she is difficult to please! What an asset for the town it is a pleasure to see them." 
Yours sincerely 
Sue Smith 
"Meanwhile, may I express my admiration of what has been achieved by Malton in Bloom. I have never seen the town looking so beautiful. The market place is especially lovely, as are the many hanging baskets in other streets. I often park in Water Lane and have noticed how much trouble has been taken; I understand that the organisers still consider there is more work to do there, but it is already far more cheerful and welcoming than it was. 
I am without a car this week so had cause to walk between Malton and Norton yesterday. I lingered on County Bridge to savour the glorious flowers on it and took a photo which I am going to post on Instagram and Twitter in honour of our beautiful town! I do hope that Malton in Bloom will continue in future years as it is giving pleasure to so many of us and it is another reason to feel real pride in our town. 
All the best" 
Emma (Brooksbank) 
"Malton has looked wonderful this summer, thanks to the efforts of Malton in Bloom and I do hope the Town Council are able to continue to support this initiative. 
I'm a member of Malton's Women's Institute and we supported Malton in Bloom by planting our own garden and by helping to maintain other plots. Our group loved the opportunity to contribute - to be able to work together to plan and plant such a special garden. It has given us a brilliant opportunity to create a beautiful local space, help Malton look at its best and create a sense of pride in our town. We had volunteers from just five years old to seventy plus helping - people from very different backgrounds all working together to create something special in town. 
Investment in this initiative could have far reaching implications and is important socially, environmentally and economically. I do hope you will get behind the Malton in Bloom team and support their future work." 
Kind regards 
Ellen Colquhoun 
"On behalf of Malton Flower Club we just wanted to say how wonderful the 
town still looks after all the work of the Malton in Bloom team. What a 
splendid effort by everyone, we do hope the work will continue for as 
long as possible. 
Malton Flower Club was so pleased to have been involved and hope our 
displays found favour with the judges. Fingers crossed for a good result." 
Jan Anderson 
Malton Flower Club 
"I write to commend the Town council and volunteers who have made Malton look so great for the Malton in Bloom competition; I am a long term resident and really appreciated all the hard work; I have had many comments from visitors and residents about this so I do hope that the Town Council will continue its financial support for the years to come." 
Sheila Miller 
"What a pleasure admiring the floral displays every time that I have been in and around Malton. 
Much appreciated." 
Kind Regards 
Richard Farnsworth(Barton-le-Street) 
"I write in regard to Malton in Bloom. 
I was fortunate enough to have been invited by Councillor Chris Turner to be involved with this community project from the start of the year to support with the promotion, awareness raising and marketing of Malton in Bloom. In the last 3 months I have had to take a step back from Malton in Bloom due to starting a new job and additional travel commitments which has meant that I've not spent as much time in Malton as I would have liked. 
However, it's due to the time away in different towns and cities and the stunning contrast of Malton which has compelled me to email you. 
Each time I return to Malton, via the station, York Road and Castle Howard Road and spend time in and around Malton's centre I am very proud to be part of the local community and what Malton in Bloom has achieved in such a short space of time. Every visitor we've had has commented on how lovely Malton looks! 
Without a shadow of a doubt, I feel that Malton in Bloom, has achieved far more than its original aim of transforming Malton. Having only lived here for 2 years, there's a noticeable difference in the look and feel of Malton. It's changed - for the better - it's brighter, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and looks like a town where its residents really care about the local environment. And they do - you just need to go on Facebook, read the articles in the Handymag and the Gazette and Herald and Twitter to see how much care, effort and time has gone into Malton in Bloom. 
Malton in Bloom has struck a chord with so many different community groups and galvanised them behind a cause which they feel passionately about - Malton. Whether it's the local gardening groups such as Derwent Diggers, the Norton and Malton WI, Norton and Malton Tidy Group, four of the local schools, Malton Town Council, all the local businesses, the Fitzwilliam Estate - the list goes on. And despite the judging period for Malton in Bloom having passed many weeks ago - the voluntary effort continues and Malton continues to bloom! 
It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the financial support from Malton Town Council which helped get this initiative off the ground at the start of the year and kickstart the action. Without this, the momentum required to get the groundswell of support from the wider community would have been difficult to achieve. 
With this in mind, I do hope that Malton Town Council is able to continue to financially support Malton in Bloom. I know that finances are always stretched however Malton in Bloom is a worthy investment opportunity and a legacy which Malton Town Council can be proud of. 
Who knows what we can achieve in 2018, and in addition to being Yorkshire's Food Capital we can also be on the map for Yorkshire in Bloom - Malton, what a great place to be!" 
Yours sincerely 
Francesca Haynes 
"I am so impressed with the floral displays around the town. They are so 
colourful and brighten up such dreary places - for example, the rough 
wall opposite Morrisons door. Its lovely to walk out of the shop and 
see them. 
Many friends have been to stay with us over the summer and all have 
remarked how lovely the flowers are and how they enhance the town. Its 
so welcoming to arrive at the station and see the planters and I love 
walking across the bridge where the petunias cascade over and give off 
such a lovely perfume. 
There has been a lot of hard work from members of the community and I'm 
pleased to see that there has been no vandalism. 
I hope that the same will happen again next year." 
Jan Pitkin. 
"As a local resident I would just like to say how lovely Malton looks this summer with its floral displays. They seem to be getting better and better as the summer progresses. 
The Malton in bloom team must have worked very hard to maintain so many displays around town, and I hope this will continue. It certainly makes the town centre a pleasurable place to walk round." 
Diane Kemp Barton le Street 
"I would just like to pass my thanks on to the wonderful people who have made Malton look so inviting with all the wonderful floral displays,it has made a real difference to the town. " 
Yours Sincereley, Celia Raines. 
"I am writing to congratulate you on the wonderful display of flowers for Malton in Bloom 2017. It has been a credit to the team who organised and participated in it and created wonderful community spirit for all those involved, bringing together a group of dedicated and enthusiastic people, committed to the enhancement of Malton and for the great enjoyment of all those who live, dine and shop there. 
It is wonderful to see how much effort the shop owners have made with the beautiful hanging baskets and floral displays and all have taken great pride and pleasure in taking part.  
I sincerely hope that we can enjoy a similar display next year for the enjoyment of visitors and the community. 
Yours sincerely" 
Chris Shepherd 
"I just wanted to say that I have never seen Malton look so beautiful and I have received numerous favourable comments whilst dead heading the planters on the bridges. 
I appreciate that the Town Council gave a very generous donation this year but I certainly think it was money very well spend. It has been a great community effort and I sure it can only get bigger and better next year." 
With kind regards 
"Seems a while since you kindly drove me around to take photos of the Malton in Bloom judging day. 
It has been a fun experience watching how Malton has improved over the last few months. Elizabeth was kind enough to show me around at the start, while I recorded a set of "before" photographs. 
That provided the background to see how things changed and improved as more and more plants appeared, and they have matured into lovely blooms all over the town. I think many of the blooms look even better now since the judging day .. they certainly have been well watered this summer! 
Apart from really improving the look of the town, the way that people spoke about their involvement in Malton in Bloom was another highlight for me. It was genuine and showed how people from all over the town felt good about contributing to this endeavour. I hope to able to contribute to an even better Malton in Bloom next year." 
With kind regards 
Nick Webster 
"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the efforts of you and your team regarding Malton in Bloom. You have made such a difference to the town - it now looks like a thriving, well loved place to live which is clearly cherished by the residents. I increasingly enjoy visiting to shop or have a coffee or meal since the environment is so improved. Well done to all of you and thank you." 
Kind regards 
Kate Warnock-Smith 
"We are holidaying in Lancashire at present and have visited various towns and admired their floral displays, which are lovely but cannot compete with Malton's display this year. Our town looks so colourful and inviting!" 
C F Clark (Mrs) 
May I say how well Malton in Bloom has gone in its very first year. 
Whilst Malton and Norton Tidy Group (of which I am a founder 'member') primarily carries out litter picking, over the years we have also done some community gardening (planting around several of the town entrance signs) and guerrilla gardening (weeding and planting neglected open spaces). Malton in Bloom has enabled us to vastly improve some areas we have worked on previously (primarily the railway station forecourt) and a good number of new areas: Water Lane car park, St Leonard's garden and the new "Malton" signs. It must be noted that work has been carried out in Norton as well as Malton - and, hopefully, Norton will be more involved next year. 
A great deal of work has been carried out and I know the public appreciate it - many people have said how good the towns look, especially the market place and the planters on Railway Street bridge. I have been looking after the flower beds on the railway station forecourt and whilst there on Sunday afternoon someone said how good and colourful it looked. 
The areas that have already been worked on will need continued work and I hope that other areas can be tackled too. Hopefully this work will spur others to join the many groups and volunteers who have been involved. A great deal has been carried out but there is more that needs to be done and can be done." 
Antony Croser 
"I hope you are well. Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Clerk to Malton Town Council. 
I wished to make contact regarding Malton in Bloom. TransPennine Express were approached by the Town Council to consider providing an element of support to enable displays around the railway station to be developed. We were pleased to provide that support. 
Our impression from the work carried out by the organisers and volunteers is that they have delivered and maintained a very high standard of displays across the area that have had a positive impact on the look and feel of the town. On almost every train to or from Malton our staff report that there are passengers who comment on the displays at the station and elsewhere. A number of these passengers are visitors to Malton. 
Day to day our station staff have worked with the volunteers to provide water for watering the plants and we consider the Malton in Bloom team involved to have been extremely professional throughout all stages of their work. 
While the result of the in Bloom competition is awaited, the effect for Malton over the summer has been transformational. We would like to convey our congratulations to the team involved in achieving such a positive result." 
Graham Meiklejohn 
Regional Development Manager 
"I understand that the Council is being asked to help fund another Malton in Bloom season. I do hope this will be agreed because the flowers around here are beautiful – not even spoilt by the dreadful downpours we have had. Malton has lost a lot of the charm it had when we moved here nearly 30 years ago and the flower displays help to make it just a bit more attractive to visitors." 
Mrs. Liz Gingell, Malton 
"I just wanted to say how amazing Malton looks (and smells!). What a fantastic effort by all concerned and what a difference it has made. 
Blooming marvellous!" 
Kind regards, 
Rob Davies 
"As a Malton resident I would like to say how fabulous the town looks as a consequence of the work put in by the "Malton in Bloom" team. Please bear this is mind when allocating funding next year." 
Michael Lynch 
"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I have enjoyed the beautiful flowers that have appeared all around Malton over the summer. I live opposite St Leonard’s Church on Old Maltongate and myself and my children have loved to see the development of the small piece of land next to our house. The planting has really cheered the town up and I hope it can be repeated in the future." 
Kind regards, 
Helen Lowdell 
"My 2 friends and I are volunteers for Malton in Bloom and have been deadheading the planters in the Market Place, as well as keeping the planters looking their best we have thoroughly enjoyed our deadheading evenings and have had many comments from locals and visitors on how beautiful and 'loved' the town is looking. I have been particularly impressed by how Malton now has a vibrant 'cafe' culture and hope that Malton in bloom has contributed in a small way to this. 
I hope you enjoy the attached photos and help to continue the good work." 
Sue Sedman 
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